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Monday, September 08, 2014

Recently Read by Danielle Faggioli

Danielle Faggioli, Mathematics Major

The Fault in our Stars by John Green is an excellent book, especially for college students. The book is enjoyable and a quick read so it won't take too much time from your studies. The premise is based primarily on two main characters, Hazel and Augustus, who both suffer from cancer. Chapter by chapter, you learn their journeys through their stories. Although the characters are a little younger than most of us at SRU (16 and 17), their difficult lives force them to mature quickly. As a result, the characters are very relatable. The book is filled with ups and downs and keeps your attention. As you live their stories through them, you will constantly be wondering, "What will happen next?" I recommend this inspirational novel (which is now a major motion picture) as your next read.

Call Number: Fic G7966f 
Located: Second Floor of Bailey Library

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Calling all READERS......

Have you read a great book recently?  Would you like to share what you read with Bailey Library's blog?  Email or call 724-738-4389 for more details.  We will feature a new reader each week, along with their picture, and their book recommendation.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"Portable office" stacks up

Following the massive weeding project Bailey Library undertook to make way for the new Mathematics Lab coming this Fall, staff worker, Charlynn Seidel, has begun correlating the titles for the bound journals left on the shelf with those that are in the library catalog.  As she does this, she is also unifying the entries so all follow the same format.  Once her initial examination is finished, the bound journals will be shifted to the ground floor onto new compact shelving units. Meanwhile, her new "portable office" makes the catalog clean-up project much easier for her.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bailey Library produces Copywrong video

Bailey Library is producing a series of videos to provide information for students on copyright issues.

The first in the series, titled "Copywrong: Illegally downloading music on a university campus" has been completed and posted to YouTube via the library's web page.  The 5 minute video centers around a fictional student, Eric Schuldig, who has been downloading music illegally from the internet.  Eric receives several letters from the university asking him to cease and desist, but he ignores the notifications and continues to violate copyright laws by converting YouTube videos to MP3 for use on his Ipod.  Eventually, he faces the University Board, gets some bad news and then has his day in court.  It does not turn out well for Eric, as you can imagine. View the video here:  Copywrong video

The series is meant to impart copyright information to students in an entertaining, relatable way.  Each video will be 5 minutes or less and center around a situation involving a copyright law that students could conceivably encounter.

If all goes well, the second video is scheduled to be released at the end of the Fall 2014 semester. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maltby Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Cody Byers, recipient of the 2nd annual Dr. Albert E. Maltby Award.  Cody is a Junior, majoring in English and Professional Studies.  She has been working for Bailey Library in the Reference/IMC areas for two years.  Well done, Cody, and we at Bailey Library wish you continued academic success at SRU.

Winning Word Search

Emily Sivak is the winner of the National Women's History Month word search contest.  Emily's winning entry was pulled the first week in April and she was presented with a gift card from the SGA Book Store.  Congrats, Emily.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Not My Life
Thanks to everyone who came to Bailey Library's human trafficking awareness event to see the 2 showings of the film, Not My Life, on January 30. Attendance for both exceeded our expectations. Special thanks to our host, Jane Smith, for making us aware of this problem all around us, and whose dedication to this cause is inspiring.
We learned that human trafficking is everywhere.  Statistics show in the U.S. there have been cases reported in all 50 states.  Victims of modern slavery can be children or adults, U.S. citizens or foreign nationals, male or female.  It is a world-wide problem that must be stopped.
All of us are touched by modern slavery every day--the food we eat, the products we buy and the consumer items we use on a daily basis probably were produced or touched by those held in involuntary servitude. 
Take a stand.  Right here.  Right now.  Today.  Visit to see how your consumer choices impact global slavery.  Then contact Dr. Cindy LaCom ( to express your interest in joining an on-campus organization to raise awareness and combat child labor, sexual exploitation of women and children, involuntary servitude, and other forms of human trafficking. 
Let's make a difference.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Like a good scare?


If you are looking for a good scary read for the Halloween season, who better than author Stephen King to scare the pants off you?  His new book, Doctor Sleep, picks up with the life of Dan Torrence (from The Shining).  Now middle-aged, Dan has been drifting around for decades trying to shake his father's legacy of despair, alchoholism, and violence. He settles in at a job at a nursing home where he uses his shining power to comfort the dying in their last moments.  Then, he meets ups with 12-year old, Abra Stone, whose spectacular gift (the brightest shining ever seen) draws him into her life and awakens his own demons.  An epic battle of good and evil results and he finds himself fighting for Abra's very life and soul!