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Saturday, December 22, 2007

All the News....

The library is closed until after the New Year but I didn't want you to be languishing without your allotment of library news. To tide you over during the season of glad tidings:

List of Free E-Books... see also the Million Book Project, which now contains 1.5 million books
List of Library Firefox Plug-ins
The Bookaholic's Guide to Book Blogs, a new book? Why isn't it e?
Celebrate 100 Years of Anne of Green Gables
Top Ten Quotes of 2007.. these have been all over the news lately

Pulling All Nighters Won't Help Student Grades... oops
Are you Pooh? Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz...
A Librarian's Worst Nightmare, according to Slate, but I could think of worse
Pulp Illustration Pop-Ups... cool
When Frog and Toad are More than Friends... a list of GLBTQ literature for children and young adults
Kansas City Library Parking Garage.. excellent

Sorry These Aren't Wrapped...

Fast Facts: The Holiday Season in America
How to Write a Thank You Note
Last Minute Christmas Decor
Christmas at War: Experiences from the First and Second World Wars
Evergreens and a Jolly Old Elf: An Exhibit from Maine
Times Square Alliance: New Year's Eve
Natural History of Holiday Plants
Christmas in Mexico: Cultural Articles
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Guide
and still a favorite... The Scared of Santa Gallery

UPDATE: Track Santa with Resource Shelf

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sad News...

The library was saddened to hear of the recent deaths of two former employees: Bob Love, professor emeritus and a former cataloger, and Ruth Thomas, a former Acquisitions staff member. Services for Robert M. Love are being held at 1:00 p.m. today. Mr. Love died December 7 at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He was a great favorite for his ready wit and his penchant for songwriting. We will update with information on Mrs. Thomas when received.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Holidays...

The Library wishes you a healthy, safe, and happy holiday!

Children's Illustrator Designs Prime Minister's Christmas Card...

Up All Night '07: Part II

It is my turn. Like Jane, it has been a year since I have stayed up all night in the library. I forgot just how much fun it is. Actually, it is very refreshing. Like Jane, I found the back parking lot packed when I arrived. I had to wonder campus and find another spot for parking. Don't feel too badly for me just yet. I got a spot next to Swope, so I'm right next door. (We need to reserve parking spots for next semesters crazy volunteers!)

The library was packed when I arrived at 11:00. Literally packed. I couldn't tell much difference from tonight and when I am in my office during the middle of the day. Although, I must confess, at 12:30, it is starting to slow down slightly.

I am working on bibliographies for two new Professional Development classes and finding some ads for one of my very favorite business professors. I also plan on doing the ever fun bulk import of our e-journal records. Back to work for now, but I'll report more later. Perhaps I will have something more exciting (but not too exciting) to share.

By the way, I don't remember being this tired the last time. It is only 12:30, and I have a long way to go!

3:00 am

Sorry I haven't written in a couple of hours. The advertisement hunt had me engulfed. Very fun stuff. Anyone and everyone... Next time I am working some ridiculous shift, such as 11p - 7a, please send me more fun quests.

I just did a 3:00 round. I am surprised at how many students are still here. Between the 3rd and 2nd floor, there are about 27 students. (I am seeing double though, so I might have counted some people twice.) On the first floor, there are about 40 students. That is a complete estimate though, because I kept losing count. Believe it or not, I found only one student sleeping. Maybe my next round will find others. There is still one fairly lively bunch in the IMC and one in the vending room, which is right next to my office. The laughter is good; I wouldn't want it to be too quiet.

I am hanging tough, and I am not actually that much more tired than I was at midnight. I am, however, having physical symptoms. I can't really see these words that clearly as I type them. Let's hope they make some sense to you all.

Nichole, the very nice and friendly IMC student worker offered me a huge, yummy orange. I am thinking that it will help keep me going for the remaining 4 hours.

More later...

5:00 am

Just finished another round. It felt good to get up and walk again. There are still 41 students. I never would have guessed!! This time around, there were 5 sleeping. I agree with Jane that everyone is being respectful. The entire library, is quite, and work groups are whispering. The lively crews have either gone home or become less lively. Except, I noticed a group in one of the study rooms on the 2nd floor that seemed to be going strong. I also saw a lot of pop cans and chip bags, so maybe they are surviving on calories and caffeine.

I just had a student tell me that my eyes are rather blood shot and that I look exhausted. I confirmed this in the bathroom mirror. Very observant student for 5:00am. I never got a second wind this year like I did last year. I have only 2 hours to go!

6:20 am

This is my last post of the night, I mean morning. It always goes faster than anticipated, but I did hit a wall at 6:00. I'm falling asleep in my chair. The fresh air will give me a second wind for the drive home.

The library is very quiet now, but I hear someone in the Reading Room crumpling paper. I also hear Gina coming around out on the first floor. Very exciting for me!

Best of luck to all of the students as they finish papers and take final finals.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Coolness...

Library Technician Rita McClelland shares the following:

"I have exciting Interlibrary Loan news!

Thanks to the dedicated work of Adam Karpuszka, an Information Technology Senior, and also Lorraine Thomas from Serials Solution, we have a new Interlibrary Loan form that can be accessed from our Library Homepage. This form also auto-populates from the link in Serials Solution when you click on Check Availability.

Another great feature of the new form is a results page that appears after hitting submit that displays the information that you entered. Additionally, the information that you submitted is emailed to your email address.

Thanks again to Adam and Lorraine!"

Those that use interlibrary loan often will realize how HUGE this is -- no more struggling to enter your citations correctly and you will have a record of what you requested. Congrats to Interlibrary Loan... this is the kind of innovation and efficiency that give us such a good reputation for patron service.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Up All Night '07

It's been a year since I spent the night in the library--as the librarian on duty during finals week of course. I blogged my way through the night then and thought I'd do the same tonight. It helps pass the time and provides a record for the others who are crazy enough to volunteer to do this!

Once again when I arrived at 11, the parking lot behind the building was full--fortunately someone pulled out just as I was getting ready to drive past to the lot by PT. After I dropped my Diet Coke off in my office (a girl needs something to help stay awake), I checked out the situation. This place is stuffed to the gills--people everywhere! A handful have already succombed to sleep--but most are working. I don't expect to have much trouble staying awake--I had a nice nap before I came in.

I'm planning on working on statistics when I'm not trolling the floors or at the reference desk. What kind of plan is that, though, I'm finding myself asking. Statistics at 2 am? Yikes!

1:15 a.m. I just walked around the building. There are still way too many people to accurately count--but I know there are well over 200. I counted over 80 on the 2nd floor alone. All the floors seem full. The third floor is staying pretty quiet. I had to ask one small group to either keep it a down a bit or move to another floor. They were very responsive. One group asked me if I was here all night and offered to share their Mountain Dew with me! Most people seem to be studying--although I did see some flickr pages and some email when I was walking through. The pizza break evidently went well earlier. I noticed stacks of empty pizza boxes by the loading dock door when I came in--and there is definitely more trash in the waste cans than usual. Thanks again to those of you who put that together.

Despite my nap earlier, my body seems to see past the ruse. I'm feeling more tired than I thought I would...and it's still early. I may need to go back for some of that Mountain Dew!

2:30 I just walked around and counted about 110 people left. It's really very quiet...there are a few small groups working, but they're all on the 1st and 2nd floors. I've seen several people making themselves very comfortable--spreading out on the floor, wrapped in a blanket on a chair, or wearing their slippers or socks...but only a few are sleeping. There seem to be a fair number frantically putting final touches on a paper or project. A couple are talking quietly on their cell phones in remote corners--just like last year, I find myself wondering who there is to talk to in the middle of the night!

4:00 am We're down to about 75 students now. Still a lot for so late. I imagine a lot of them are here to stay now. A few more are sleeping--I'm feeling pretty brain-dead myself. It's nice to know that my 8 hours are more than half over.

5:00 am Fifty patrons and holding. Some are settling in for a "long winter's nap," complete with pillows. Others are doggedly working and studying. Studying would be impossible for me at this point. While morning is definitely over the horizon, my brain is still fogged in.

6:00 am Final count: about 30 students in the building. A couple of early birds have wandered in in the last fifteen minutes or so. Overall it was a quiet night--people were respectful of others who were studying.

Want to See Something Beautiful?

Finals Week 2007, A Photo Essay by Joey Kennedy

Talented student photographer Joey Kennedy captured these images around the library as finals week approached... Enjoy.

(This is a flickr slideshow version of those photos and may take a moment to load.)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Things I Didn't Post Last Week...

The Grinch turned 50...

Also, December 5 was the International Day of the Ninja...
How Ninja Work... and finally, Ninja Reference Services.

Help Coach Mihalik Win Scholarship Money...

From the University Public Relations Office:
FINAL ROUND: Voting is now open in the final round of the Liberty Mutual Division II Coach of the Year Award. SRU’s head football coach George Mihalik is one of the finalists and is currently in second place. Voting continues through Saturday. Voters may cast one ballot per day by visiting: The winning coach earns $50,000 for his favorite charities, $20,000 for his school's alumni association scholarship fund, a personal trophy and recognition in the permanent Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year exhibit at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Ind.
The winner will be announced Saturday and will be profiled on an ABC/ESPN special at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 29. Mihalik recently completed his 20th season as SRU's head coach and is The Rock's all-time leader in career wins with a 136-79-4 record.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Have Yourself a "Safe" Little Christmas

Concerned about the toys you're buying for loved ones this holiday season? Check out this site, featured this morning on CNN. It allows you to search for specific toys to learn whether or not they contain toxic levels of various chemicals. It also has lists of recommended toys. I looked at it quickly--but I think traffic is heavy right now in response to the publicity it received--because it was very slow to respond. I imagine, though, if I give it a couple of days, it will work fine.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Why Should I Have All the Fun?

Check out your happy birthday facts here... all the usual facts, plus some interesting new ones. For instance, it appears I am now over 21,000 days old and gas cost .27 cents a gallon when I was born. Suddenly I am tired.

A Challenge!

The latest issue of Information Today has an article by Jill O'Neill about reading challenges. I thought these were only going on on the children's literature blogs, but apparently the grown-ups are doing it too. The general idea: A blogger issues a challenge--a challenge to read x number of notable books or classics or banned books, etc. and discuss. Sometimes there are prizes, like autographed copies or special editions, but the real prize seems to lie in the lively discussions and knowledge shared. Sounds like a good time to me. Wendy Robards, interviewed here, has started a new Novel Challenges blog to track all of the many challenges out there in cyberworld. There's really nothing combative about it, but I like pictures of men in funny pants.

Here are some links included in the Information Today story:
Caribou's Mom Themed Reading Challenge
Classics Challenge
Dystopian Challenge
Eight Books and 8 Categories in '08
Carl Vincent's Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge
Outmoded Authors Challenge
Pelham Library's Banned Books
Reading Across Borders

En garde!

You Deserve a Break Today...

or on December 11th, actually. The Library is sponsoring a Study Break on the evening of the 11th with pizza, beverages, and tasty snacks. Pizza will be delivered at 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. and will be distributed from the second floor lobby.

Also of note: The library will be open for your convenience during Finals Week from 7:45 a.m. on Monday to 5:00 p.m. on Friday. We never rest!