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Thursday, December 16, 2004

What Films Will You Be Watching?

The Golden Globe nominees were announced this week (see for a full list). Looking them over, it seems as though moviegoers will have a blockbuster holiday season. The young at heart may be enchanted by "Finding Neverland," history buffs will appreciate Martin Scorsese's biopic, "The Aviator," Clint Eastwood fans will once again be vindicated by the former spaghetti western star's "Million Dollar Baby," and music aficionados can be dazzled by Jamie Foxx as "Ray." I know I'm trying to prioritize what films I'll watch during my annual holiday film fest (and yes, "Ocean's Twelve" has to fit in there somewhere!). While the library obviously doesn't yet have any of these new films in its collection, you could check out some earlier award winners like "The English Patient," "Laurence of Arabia," the "Deer Hunter," "Marty," and "As Good as it Gets" in the second floor Instructional Materials Center.


Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

Here's a link to an audio file from NPR-->

Commentator John Ridley talks about why December is one of Hollywood's busiest months. Ridley says in addition to the holiday blockbusters, the big movie studios are rushing to get their smaller, more artistic films into theaters, just under the wire for Academy Award consideration.

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