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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Can't Wait Until Friday...

To share this miscellany of interesting information (from the sublime to the ridiculous...)
  • From SearchEngine Watch, the Louvre has redesigned its site, adding thousands of new artworks and intriguing ways of searching the collections... Try the Kaleidoscope feature.
  • From Lifehacker, What Does That Mean? is a new online dictionary of catchphrases. Today's word: duffiled.
  • From Real Simple, the expiration dates of things that you didn't know had a shelf life...
  • Yubnub allows you to search with command lines. For example, enter" gim slippery rock" in the Yubnub search box and perform a Google image search for pictures of Slippery Rock. Clever? Yes. Useful? Hmmm....


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