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Friday, September 16, 2005

Notes from Biloxi, Pt. II...

Del Hamilton writes:
"I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and much needed hugs and support. My family is taking it one day at a time at this point and we are sincerely hoping that there are brighter times coming. Thought I would share this little bright moment. I think things like this are helping give the coast people much needed hope.

One of the places that was a treat for us to get to go to when I was growing up was Marine Life in Gulfport to watch the trained dolphins and sea lions. Before the storm they evacuated 6 of the 14 dolphins to hotel swimming pools and left the remaining 8 and most of the sea lions in protected areas. The dolphins were in a tank that had survived Camille so once again people believed they would be OK. Well Marine Life was completely destroyed and all of these marine animals that had no ability to survive in the wild were cast out to sea. One of the dolphins was 40 years old. People all over Gulfport were finding the sea lions and helping to rescue them but little hope was held for the 8 dolphins. Surprisingly they were discovered a couple days ago after being on their own for 10 days. They came back home and were found swimming all together at the mouth of the Port of Gulfport. They were very hungry and had lost weight and apparantly started flipping and performing when their trainers got there to feed them. They are now in the process of rescuing them. You can read about them at this site"


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