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Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Quiet Riot...

In the past two weeks, The Rocket (our student newspaper) has featured letters to the editor that discussed the noise levels in our library. The first letter writer complained of "sorority meetings" that made it difficult for those wishing to study in the library. The second letter writer defended groups' use of the library as one of the few "safe" places where students could gather to "further develop their education." Just for the record:
1) Our library is very active and busy and we welcome this;
2) The third floor is designated as a quiet study area;
3) Even though conversation is permitted on other floors, the library is still a library, with an expected culture of scholarship, civility, and consideration;
4) If you are being disturbed by excess noise, please find a library employee and inform them of the problem.

You can check out the online Rocket here... and you are always welcome to comment on this blog (below.) The statements in this post, by the way, are not intended to represent any official statement by the Library or University and simply reflect my own opinion. Let's hear your's....


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