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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today in Literary Birthdays....

Jacob Grimm of Brothers Grimm fame was born on this date in 1758. Which one was Matt Damon?

In any case, the following sites can provide some fodder for exhibits, library calendars, newsletters, or tired library blogs:

Writer's Almanac, from Public Radio, American Public Media
Literary Births, from Waterboro Public Library, Maine
Children's and Young Adult Authors by Date, Kathy Schrock, Discovery School (Brush with Fame: I once saw Kathy Schrock, the education/internet pioneer, in the Seattle Space Needle--I knew it was her because she was still wearing her conference nametag--and I did not bother her or make a pest of myself.)
This Day in History, History Channel

A number of other sites, like ScopeSystems, let you discover historical events for the date of your choice... a fun exercise for birthdays. Sharing my birthday: The Prophet Mohammed, Robert E. Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, Dolly Parton, and Janis Joplin. Imagine the dinner party that would be!


Blogger Kathy Schrock said...

Feel free to bother me anytime! (I was wearing my nametag in the Space Needle? Geesh!)


5:32 AM  
Anonymous Leigh Forbes said...

I'm looking forward to hearing Kathy speak at the PETE&C conference in February! Maybe I'll be able to post a "brush with fame" comment too (yeah...Melba's my hero :-)

11:53 PM  

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