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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's a LibraryThing....

Note: I continue to battle the Internet Explorer runtime error and can't get an answer anywhere. Some seem to suspect an overabundance of pictures on the blog. My suggestion: Switch to Firefox or Flock!

I may have mentioned LibraryThing previously, but have had an opportunity to check it out a little (pun intended). LibraryThing is a social networking application for bookworms, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. You register (easy,) put in your personal books (very easy,) catalog (or tag) and review them as you see fit, take a look at your graphic bookshelf (cool,) and see who matches your reading tastes. There's loads more to it... you can get recommendations, make connections, check out the Zeitgeist to see what is most and least popular, etc. The point is more books, not necessarily an eharmony hookup. LibraryThing seems to see the absence of controlled vocabulary and authority control as a good thing, providing more flexibility and more responsive keywords for its user-created community.

I visited LibraryThing, by the way, because of a mention of radio show The Book Guys on their blog.


Blogger Sean McGurr said...

I've been using LibraryThing for a few months now (check out my catalog here). It is a great application and works like a charm. I haven't taken advantage of all the features yet (tagging and reviewing). Also, it is free for up to 200 books, but if you want to put in more, there is a small fee. I have all of my books read in 2006 entered. On paper, I have my reading log back to 1997. I just need to get ambitious enough to enter them.

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