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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Up All Night : Part III

So, tonight is my night. I have had a very strange feeling of dread all week, especially in the evenings as I start thinking about going to bed around 10:00. Tonight, I will be driving to the library at 10:00. Then, this morning, a feeling of euphoria came over me. I am kind of excited about tonight's "adventure," and I am fueled by the fact that Jane got so many thank yous. Or, the euphoria could be from the coming semester break, which begins for me tomorrow at 7:00 am! More later...

12:04 am (Thursday, Dec. 14). Sorry I didn't report sooner. I fell into that deep hole of checking e-mails. It is hard to get out of it once in. I just did a round, and I can report that all is well. There are way too many people to count. Each floor is busting. The third floor is remaining very quite. The second floor has some groups working, so there is minor buzz. I also find it interesting that people are studying in hallways that I have never seen people study in before. Surprisingly, I feel wide awake. I don't hold out hope that I will be able to report that at 3:00am, but we'll see. I'm off to do an exciting Serials Solutions bulk import. The files just arrived this evening; perfect timing.

It is now exactly 2:00 am. I just did a round to make sure that the changing of the guards went OK. It did. The library has some awesome student workers! From what I count, there are only about 14 students on the 3rd floor, 20 or so on the 2nd floor and 50-60 on the 1st floor. So, that gives us a grand total of 84-94. (If I am able to do math at 2:00 am.) I have to say that I am impressed with Melba's counts. I get bored after I count the 10th head and start day-dreaming. That is why I am approximating my numbers. I am happy to report that I am still wide-awake. I feel like there is sleepiness in the back of my head trying to decide if it is time to rear its ugly head or not, but so far, I have kept it at bay. Wish me luck in my battle. Oh, I have also discovered that doing bulk imports at 1:00 am is a good thing. My files are transferring at record rates. I have over 11,000 changed records this month, which usually sends me crying. This time, they are a breeze. Maybe I can start working this shift once a month around bulk import time.

I was just sitting here thinking about how I haven't had any reference questions, no one has thanked me, and no one has asked me about snack food. In fact, I don't think anyone has asked me anything, except for one SPSS question, which I obviously couldn't answer. So, I have decided that it is because I have on track pants, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and tennis shoes, plus my hair is in a pony-tail. I either look homeless or like one of the students. I like to believe that I look like one of the students! I don't think that anyone thinks to ask me a "real" question because of that. I have to say, it being 3:00 am, I am OK with that. By the way, the sleepiness is starting to hit. It has first attacked my eyes. I REALLY should have brought my glasses. I need to get these contacts out. I'm going to do a round within the next 1/2 hour, so I'll provide updated (and approximated) head counts soon.

3:44 am. Just did a round. There are 34 students hanging tough. I can't be responsible for having counted someone twice or for having missed someone that was strategically hiding in a cubby-hole. Two of the students are sleeping and all others are working. The entire library is quiet. Maybe we should make people complete the LibQUAL survey at 3:00 am while sitting in the library. Then we would get those "too much noise" comments nipped in the butt.

So, I thought I was being so clever 20 minutes ago when I went to the vending machine to get by Dr. P. Then, as I was doing rounds, I heard a can top pop open, looked over, and saw a wide-awake student downing an energy drink. D'oh. I forgot about those. I am so old-school. I still say dude and awesome, I still like Sonic the Hedgehog over impressive graphics, and I still drink soda to stay awake.

5:35 am - Couple of important things to report:

1. There are 38 students in the library. Only 2 are sleeping. Many of them are exactly as I have seen them each round, working diligently on papers and/or presentations.
2. My Dr. P rules. The energy drink kid is one of the two sleepers.
3. I just ran into Gina and was so excited to see a "day" person. I feel like it is a turning point. Morning is dawning. On the other hand, Gina might think I'm crazy. I gave her the most enthusiastic "hey, how are you?" I have ever given anyone.
4. I am actually still awake. I mean for real awake, not forced awake. I thought my head would be bobbing and my eyes closing, but I'm good. I just hope I stay that way until I am safely tucked into bed.
5. I get to leave in 1 hour and 20 minutes!!!!!!

Final Post - 6:35 am - I have to admit that I quit doing work around 6:00. I finished everything on my agenda and couldn't think enough to start something new. So, I played Mon Jong (am I spelling that right) for a little. At 6:30 am, I had my first head bob. Yuck. I was hoping those would hold off until I got home. Melba, I think you hit the wall around 6:30 as well. I think I am seeing double on occassion. I have never wanted to see Kathy Manning so badly in my life. Anyway, final thoughts:

Yes, I would do it again. It wasn't as bad as I had been imaging and the night/morning went rather fast.

Melba, you are awesome, as we all know. This blog and tracking the evening were fun and helped to make the night go by quickly.

I will try (if I have the energy) to blog one last time when I get home so that you all know I am climbing safely into bed.

It is 7:48 am, and I am safely home. Goodnight, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

Energy drink, of course! I just learned about Full Throttle and Rock Star but forgot about them. I hear it is like drinking liquid gummy worms. Hang in there, Cate!

5:27 AM  
Blogger Cathy Rudowsky said...

I'm so excited you are up and posting. Another turning point. You just made my night, I mean morning, I mean night...

5:45 AM  
Blogger Jane Smith said...

Thanks for joining the all night blog Cathy. I'm glad it went ok for you too. Yes, I imagine you were mistaken for a student--no way that was happening for this grandma. Now we'll see how Martina fares.
I relied on my nap and Diet Coke to get me way I'd turn to an energy drink.
Yes--I'd do this again--as long as it was only occasionally. The weirdest part was being unsure what day it was all day yesterday--it felt like jet lag. The student's certainly were appreciative.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

I am older and tired-er and thought it was like a hangover without the fun... but for a good cause.

4:27 PM  

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