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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost, Found, but Never Claimed...

Have you lost anything in the library? A notebook? An earring? Your ID? A flash drive? Some photos? A mitten? A full coffee mug? A CD? Your pants? (seriously, pants! How did you forget them?) Your giant container of seasoned salt? There are two lost and found areas in the library... one at the main circulation desk and one at the reference desk. Tonight I saw a floppy disk in the drawer that said "Vice President Documents" on it. I've got you now, Dick Cheney!

Come to the library and describe your lost possession to retrieve it (unless of course, you are actually Dick Cheney. We don't permit firearms in the library.)

UPDATE from Danielle Busi, student worker at the Reference Desk: "I just cleaned out the lost and found drawer at the reference desk and found some things I thought you might get a laugh out of....
  • Tube of ora-jel
  • Blockbuster, health insurance and ID cards
  • Personal check for February's heating bill
  • Live worm in a plastic vial"


Blogger SRUResearchGrrl said...

As the resident student on this blog, I feel the need to make several comments on the lost, found and never claimed post.

First, I would like to offer my theory on why it is that random things turn up in the lost and found. If you are carrying around a battle axe and a gallon jug of seasoned salt, chances are that you are not accustomed to this and won't notice that your burden is missing after you leave the library.

Next, it is a simple matter to forget your pants at the library when there is a need for your superhero alter ego and you are forced to abandon your clothes to get into costume. Believe me, Clark Kent would have to stop by the Gap several times a week the way things like that happen.

Finally, it's probably not a good idea to invoke the rage of Dick Cheney... If the man shoots his friends just think of what he'd do to the rest of us!

4:14 PM  
Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

Good points, ResearchGrrl. I hadn't considered the superhero angle and I will remember to duck if I see anyone resembling the vice president.

6:30 PM  

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