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Friday, July 06, 2007

What We've Done For You Lately...

Some behind-the-scenes niceties from IT and Del Hamilton, our Systems Librarian, and all of the librarians and staff members who suggested these changes:

You will no longer be confused by location listings in the catalog that seem to say 2nd floor but mean 3rd floor. Now it either says "2nd floor, Main Collection" or "3rd floor, Main Collection" and it means it.

You can check out your books at either the main Circulation desk or the Instructional Materials desk, no matter what section of the library they are from.

You can login to library databases remotely with your network username and password. No more trying to read that worn out barcode (unless you are one of the super-cool people who have memorized it.)

There's a new printer #3 in the reference room, thank goodness!

All of the student work stations in the library have been updated to Office 2007, which is very cool now that I am a little more used to it.

The cafe is supposed to be getting a face lift but it just looks empty in there.
UPDATE from the Director: The cafe won't be renovated until October, but there might be a coffee cart somewhere else.

Bad News: The staplers still break on a regular basis.


Blogger Judy Silva said...

Uh, yea ... I'm gonna need you to go ahead and move your office to the boiler room Melvin.

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