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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Step Away From the Google...

I was (and still am, to some extent) an avid devotee of all things Google, but lately I have been straying... into the arms of Since they retired Jeeves, Ask is a smarter search engine, does a really nice focus sidebar, and has some great features like image search, blog search, and Ask City, which is a business search. I've mentioned before that Ask lets you choose an attractive skin (I'm superficial, live with it) and is the only search engine that gives you walking directions (now, that's cool!) Ask now offers those Entertainment coupon deals for printing out when you search a business, along with web reviews... it's pretty awesome. It's a free 14-day trial, but still...

Google is still all powerful (and therein lies the problem as I perceive it... Google should quit reading my email like a CIA agent... it's spooky!) but it's practically an American obligation to throw rocks at giants.

All I am saying is try something new and different... give Ask a chance (with apologies to John and Yoko.)


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