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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Up All Night '07: Part II

It is my turn. Like Jane, it has been a year since I have stayed up all night in the library. I forgot just how much fun it is. Actually, it is very refreshing. Like Jane, I found the back parking lot packed when I arrived. I had to wonder campus and find another spot for parking. Don't feel too badly for me just yet. I got a spot next to Swope, so I'm right next door. (We need to reserve parking spots for next semesters crazy volunteers!)

The library was packed when I arrived at 11:00. Literally packed. I couldn't tell much difference from tonight and when I am in my office during the middle of the day. Although, I must confess, at 12:30, it is starting to slow down slightly.

I am working on bibliographies for two new Professional Development classes and finding some ads for one of my very favorite business professors. I also plan on doing the ever fun bulk import of our e-journal records. Back to work for now, but I'll report more later. Perhaps I will have something more exciting (but not too exciting) to share.

By the way, I don't remember being this tired the last time. It is only 12:30, and I have a long way to go!

3:00 am

Sorry I haven't written in a couple of hours. The advertisement hunt had me engulfed. Very fun stuff. Anyone and everyone... Next time I am working some ridiculous shift, such as 11p - 7a, please send me more fun quests.

I just did a 3:00 round. I am surprised at how many students are still here. Between the 3rd and 2nd floor, there are about 27 students. (I am seeing double though, so I might have counted some people twice.) On the first floor, there are about 40 students. That is a complete estimate though, because I kept losing count. Believe it or not, I found only one student sleeping. Maybe my next round will find others. There is still one fairly lively bunch in the IMC and one in the vending room, which is right next to my office. The laughter is good; I wouldn't want it to be too quiet.

I am hanging tough, and I am not actually that much more tired than I was at midnight. I am, however, having physical symptoms. I can't really see these words that clearly as I type them. Let's hope they make some sense to you all.

Nichole, the very nice and friendly IMC student worker offered me a huge, yummy orange. I am thinking that it will help keep me going for the remaining 4 hours.

More later...

5:00 am

Just finished another round. It felt good to get up and walk again. There are still 41 students. I never would have guessed!! This time around, there were 5 sleeping. I agree with Jane that everyone is being respectful. The entire library, is quite, and work groups are whispering. The lively crews have either gone home or become less lively. Except, I noticed a group in one of the study rooms on the 2nd floor that seemed to be going strong. I also saw a lot of pop cans and chip bags, so maybe they are surviving on calories and caffeine.

I just had a student tell me that my eyes are rather blood shot and that I look exhausted. I confirmed this in the bathroom mirror. Very observant student for 5:00am. I never got a second wind this year like I did last year. I have only 2 hours to go!

6:20 am

This is my last post of the night, I mean morning. It always goes faster than anticipated, but I did hit a wall at 6:00. I'm falling asleep in my chair. The fresh air will give me a second wind for the drive home.

The library is very quiet now, but I hear someone in the Reading Room crumpling paper. I also hear Gina coming around out on the first floor. Very exciting for me!

Best of luck to all of the students as they finish papers and take final finals.


Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

Hang in there, Cate, the next shift is on the way. Be careful on the way home!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Cathy Rudowsky said...

Good to hear from you. You brought a smile to my tired face!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

When I came in at 7:45, there was a girl on the third floor, curled up with the cushions from one of those frumpy chairs under the table back by the librarians' offices, sound asleep. It was a little startling -- like finding a homeless person on your doorstep. I'm going to go back and check on her -- what if she had an 8:00 final?

8:42 AM  
Blogger Cathy Rudowsky said...

Oh my gosh. She wasn't there during my last round. I don't think??? How were things when you checked on her? Did she have an 8:00 final? Ugh, I am worried for her!

As you will gather from my post, I made it home safely. The 20 minutes it took me to scrape ice off of my car did the trick for giving me a second wind. (If anyone was in the parking lot, please forgive me my language.) I am now operating on 3 hours of sleep, one hour of mindless TV, and 40 minutes of checking e-mail, doing paperwork, etc. Off to the gym, and then sleep the rest of the day! Bliss!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

Good intentions, but... I never checked on her. Hope she made it home for the holidays.

1:10 AM  

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