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Thursday, April 10, 2008

New... Keeping Current

Librarian Lynn Hoffmann passes along this announcement about RefAware, a service now offered by RefWorks, to customize research alerts: For a preview of RefAware, click here, and for additional information about setting up research alerts from the library, click here.

RefWorks is pleased to announce the public debut of RefAware, an online personal research assistant and monitoring service that enables members of the academic community and other researchers to stay abreast of the latest publications and research in their field instantly. This simple-to-use service allows researchers to be alerted when new articles are available – most within hours of publication and many even pre-publication. With the ability to create separate search queries, researchers can now use RefAware to keep them informed of “up-to-the-minute” information based on their unique research interests. Providing one source, for a variety of research data, RefAware constantly scours the internet for the latest information and automatically delivers newly found data through an alerting service. Harnessing the speed and accessibility of the Internet, RefAware provides a comprehensive, real-time picture of today’s global research.


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