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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Death by Scrapbook...

From State Library Director Caryn Carr, via SRU Library Director Phil Tramdack:

Train Accidents, Murders, Apoplexy, Bright's Disease, Dynamite Accidents, Brain Paralysis, Falling Through Ice While Skating, Suicide by Laudanum, Throat-slitting, Hanging (by the same man all at once), Suicide by Inhaling Illuminating Gas, and the Vicissitudes of Old Age.....

These are just some of the causes of death mentioned – or, more likely, described in great detail – in the “Pennsylvania Scrap Book Necrology,” the second collection of digital resources that is freely available from the State Library of Pennsylvania. This collection comes on the heels of the 93 Benjamin Franklin texts that were released on the Internet in observance of Franklin’s 300th birthday..

The Pennsylvania Scrap Book Necrology began as scrapbooks that were created between 16 October 1891 and 3 March 1904. Newspapers from all parts of Pennsylvania are represented in this genealogical treasure trove.

Searchable by surname and very cool!


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