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Friday, July 07, 2006

Saving It Up For Friday....

Behold! A quantity of unrelated information for your delectation... a veritable picnic basket of bibliotrivia. Minus the ants.

New Appalachian Digital Library, from Mesoj
Find a Trail, from Lifehacker (in case you are visiting said Appalachians)
New Words for Merriam-Webster, from ResourceShelf (and even more interesting, the New Words list from 1806)
Wikipedia, Kenneth Lay, and historians, from ACRLog
A Guide to Searching for Female Ancestors, from the Library of Congress via ResourceShelf
1/3 million free E-books at the World E-book Fair, from ResourceShelf
Ink Spots: The 10 Most Significant Literary Sites in Northern California, from LII
CNN's six year-old Literary Critic
And finally, The Authors' Guide to Summer Reading, from Lifehacker


Blogger Cathy Rudowsky said...

I loved little Andrew's book reviews. I never cared much for science books either; I am all about a story and action. :-)

12:26 PM  

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