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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best, Worst.... Happy New Year!

History of the New Year from Infoplease. In case you are staying home and surfing from boredom, you might find the following links mildly entertaining and informative. Also, guaranteed not to produce a hangover...

Lists, Lists, Lists:

Ten Library Stories That Shaped 2006: LIS ranks major events in the library world.
Merriam Webster's Words of the Year: Put them all together and what's that spell? Trouble... right here in Baghdad City.
Amazon Best of 2006: Best Books, Top Sellers, other interesting details. For example, most expensive amazon purchase? The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, $11,000. Most wished for amazon purchase? Freakonomics.
Top US Movies and Box Office Reports: Resource Shelf brings lists and rankings to the cinemaplex. Ar (in several countries.)

Books, Books, Books:

After careful scientific comparison of the following lists, I have determined that the books we should have all read in 2006 are....

Read the above and be prepared to report on Monday. Are there any common themes? Why are there no women authors included in this elite group of books that appeared on 4-5 Best Books lists? Discuss.

Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year
New York Times Ten Best Books of 2006


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