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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More on Summer Reading

OK, I can admit it, I'm reading a trashy detective novel. Well its summertime! And anyway the plot of Havana Heat by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera hinges on an attempt to return stolen art to its rightful owners. Right up my alley! But instead of the more common theme of the Nazis as art looters, this time its Fidel Castro's government. The protagonist, Miami private investigator Lupe Solano, even consults with the Art Loss Register in London. Hey, she did her homework. So what if the writing is a bit plodding and she works the Cuban connection into the ground ... there's plenty of drama to keep you turning the pages.


Blogger Melba Tomeo said...

That sounds perfect for a summer book -- I read a whole series a couple of years ago by Ian Pears, I think, about an Italian art theft specialist and an English graduate student. I really enjoyed them, mostly set in Italy and with titles like The Titian Committee. I just checked my bookshelves and still have a few -- it's Iain Pears, not Ian.

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