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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The People Have Spoken...

Based on the responses to the cell phone poll, a majority of the respondents believe you should...
a) set your cell phone to vibrate in the library (56%) and
b) limit your library cell phone conversations to the lobbies (20%)
c) grow up and quit being so self-absorbed.

OK, that last was just me, but still.... We also received some passionate comments about the unacceptable level of noise in the library, which you can read at the original post.

The library is responding with some polite reminders for offenders, but we are not the library police. How about this? Police yourselves! Be civil and courteous and considerate of your fellow citizens/students. We need to respect each other's space in public places.

Don't make me shush you...

Image from Artnet Picture Postcard Archive


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