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Saturday, December 22, 2007

All the News....

The library is closed until after the New Year but I didn't want you to be languishing without your allotment of library news. To tide you over during the season of glad tidings:

List of Free E-Books... see also the Million Book Project, which now contains 1.5 million books
List of Library Firefox Plug-ins
The Bookaholic's Guide to Book Blogs, a new book? Why isn't it e?
Celebrate 100 Years of Anne of Green Gables
Top Ten Quotes of 2007.. these have been all over the news lately

Pulling All Nighters Won't Help Student Grades... oops
Are you Pooh? Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz...
A Librarian's Worst Nightmare, according to Slate, but I could think of worse
Pulp Illustration Pop-Ups... cool
When Frog and Toad are More than Friends... a list of GLBTQ literature for children and young adults
Kansas City Library Parking Garage.. excellent


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