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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Greener at the Library.... The Big Blue Bin Display

What’s going on with the stack of recycling bins in the lobby?

It is troubling to many of us in the library... student workers, library staff, librarians, administrators.... that so much paper is wasted at the printers… and this is how we are dramatizing our concern. This display represents the paper wasted during a typical week in the reference room.

Nobody is upset by the printing that students need to do for research and classes, but the multiple copies printed and abandoned, huge slide presentations printed one slide per page with dark backgrounds, and the entire reams of paper left behind daily are a disturbing waste of resources… one we can do something about by raising awareness.

The library does recycle this paper and does purchase recycled paper for the printers but the waste is still pretty sad. Pictures to follow:


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