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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interesting Fact...

If you have been following the Rutgers/Imus controversy in the news lately, you will have heard the eloquent words of Vivian Stoner Stringer, the women's basketball coach. You may not know that she is one of Slippery Rock's distinguished graduates, class of '70. For a nostalgic trip back to that time and other eras, browse the Slippery Rock yearbooks at the reference desk. It would be hard to miss the 1970 volume -- it's bright yellow and has a huge peace symbol on the front of it. Before we get too misty eyed for the good old days, however, I want to point out that I couldn't even find a photo of a women's basketball team at all or very many students of color in the 1970 Saxigena.


Anonymous d wells said...

Well, dang! That is interesting!

6:41 AM  

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