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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Just Wild About Harry...

OK, so I think I have my plans in place. At midnight on July 20, I am running up to the Borders Outlet at the Factory Shops and waiting in line for my reserved copy of the final Harry Potter (in which Harry apparently swats He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with a vicious badminton birdie, at least according to the cover.) Constant Reader may remember that I was ridiculed by a drunken college student ("How old are you?) at the last Harry Potter release at the Slippery Rock bookstore and I am hoping to escape undetected and unscathed at a different location. Where is my invisibility cloak? Some other info for impatient muggles:

Harry Potter Festivals: A Gala Time for Muggles
Find or Plan Your Own Harry Potter Book 7 Party
Record Demand for Final Potter (or I'm Not the Only Weirdo in Line)
Potter Has Limited Effect on Reading Habits
Chinese Pirates Attack Harry Potter... not to duplicate, but to innovate
Harry Potter's "voice" Not Talking...
A woggle of quizzes: Which Harry Potter Kid Are You?; BBC Harry Potter Quizzes; The Very Hard Harry Potter Quiz

How about a poll? J. K. Rowling is rumored to have killed off two characters in the last Harry Potter; what's your prediction?


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