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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Ways of Seeking....

Looking around at new search engines and new search advice to get the most out of the web...

Six Techniques to Get More from the Web Than Google Will Tell You... of note: Quack Track, a blog search engine; BizSeer, a free database of academic business information; and Digital Librarian, one librarian's look at the best of the web.

Add the WorldCat application to your facebook profile and find books in a library near you instantly. I'm not so sold on the librarians in facebook movement but I am heartened by new applications that stress reading and sharing. Some clever librarians have tweaked this application to search their specific library. Stay tuned to see if I can figure this out.

Google Challengers 2008, of note: Hakia, a nice natural language search engine; Wikia Search , which seems to contain a brief definition followed by links, and Cuill, determined to be the "one to watch" (although there's nobody home right now.)

This illustration is a joke, btw, about determining the truth in any statement, via Boing Boing... just in case my finely honed sense of humor somehow missed the mark. :)

UPDATE: Have you Googled yourself today? The latest Pew Internet and American Life report indicates that many of us have, but we don't do it that often.


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