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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ask.... Not!

I was flummoxed to read that search engine Ask might be closing its doors after I have invested some time in extolling its virtues, aiming to solely target the Hillary Clinton demographic, and generally giving up the ship. I guess we should have realized they were packing it in when they fired the butler. Admittedly, Ask does not have the reach of what someone recently referred to as the almighty G but it offers some unique features and a clear, clean set of results, clustered for your viewing enjoyment. And walking directions. Now they are saying they are not withdrawing from the field completely but will only be targeting their core users. I know you didn't ask me, Ask, but I wish you would reconsider before sealing the niche.

In other search engine news, try these from AltSearchEngines...
  • Search message boards with Dipiti.... this should be very useful. I am always finding computer troubleshooting solutions on message boards.
  • Drastic Deals, search for coupons
  • Pizza? Beer? Wine? What's not to like in the top 10 food search engines?


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