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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Computers in Libraries, Day Two...

Things were a little smoother today... no bagel thievery and I actually found a good place for lunch. They started the morning with a moment of silence for the students at Virginia Tech. Naturally this is on everyone's mind. The keynote speaker spoke briefly about the need for an emergency text messaging network, as so many students no longer read email. Here's what I did today:
  • Keynote: Andy Carvin, National Public Radio. Using Social Media for Community Engagement. How news agencies are engaging with the "people formerly known as the audience." His blog...
  • Mashups and Why Would I Want One? Cool things, mainly involving Google maps, but one library application I really liked.. Book Carousel, mashing up Syndetics and the New Books list. Check out Mashup Dashboard for possibilities. I had to sit on the steps outside the overflow room for this one.
  • Dynamic Instructional Content: Library 2.0 on a Budget. Author of the BizWiki, tons of good ideas for free and reasonable applications, like wink and pbwiki and meebo. We should be implementing meebo for people who don't have AIM accounts.
  • Learning with Wikis and Blogs. Talked about a free course they designed and offered, called "Five Weeks to a More Social Library." See presentation here....
  • 15 Minutes to Creating Library Groupies (Cybertour) Learned a new term... FUD, which stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. As in: well, sure you can use Google for all of your scientific research, if that's sufficient for your purposes. You know how to get in touch with me when you're ready to get serious, right? And that's called leveraging FUD.
  • Easing Renovation with Web 2.0 Tools. How Ohio State provided more virtual services while moving and remodeling their libraries.
  • Gaming and Learning.
  • Now you see why I said my head is spinning.


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