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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shout out to the 'Burgh!

Yippy-Skippy! Pittsburgh has once again, after 22 years, finished 1st (that's right, FIRST) in the race to be America's "most livable" city. What does that mean? Well, despite our very crummy climate, we have a lot going for us, such as low cost of living, low crime rate, access to great education and great health care, and great ambience. Of course, yinz always knew 'dat, didn't yinz?

Check out the full story in today's Post-Gazette.


Blogger PJT said...

No doubt y'uns all read this with mild amusement: "right- take out one bridge and one tunnel and we're all trapped like rats!" But in the view of a refugee from the east coast, PGH has a great deal going for it. You can pay a lot more for a lot less somewhere else if you really WANT to...

10:40 AM  

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